100% handsfree Forex and Indicies trading, mirrored directly from our MT4 account to yours!

No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.


Mirrored From Professional Day Traders Directly To Your Account

No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.

How it works

Our Strategy and Copy Trading software is unique, there's nothing like it on the market. Our entire solution has been developed and perfected using feedback from our clients for a truly hands free experience. So sit back and let us do all the heavy lifting for you!

  • Always on

    Our strategy provides HIGH QUALITY results without needing MT4 open 24/5 on your side (No VPS required). Our trades are executed, managed and closed by us directly to your MT4 account.

  • Low Spreads on all compatible brokers

    We're only interesting in working with the best brokers, that's why our compatible brokers have some of the best spreads and executions in the market.

  • Managed by our team

    Our system is constantly monitored by our professional trading team. Our developers are constantly working on new improvements to maximise our results.

  • No contracts, cancel anytime

    We have nothing to hide, so we don't need to lock you into a contract! We are so convinced that you'll love us that we offer a 3 month trial for just $1.00 to anyone who opens a new account with one of our recommended brokers.

  • Exceptional executions

    We have the fastest trade executions on the market, from just 0.04 seconds! This allows us able to take advantage of rapid market movements in a way that can't be matched by any other service on the market.

  • Exceptional results for everyone to see

    Our system has been been professionally developed, tested and perfected over time. Our results are constantly recorded and can be viewed by anyone via our MyFXBook.

  • 30+ years experience

    Our trading strategy uses a range of analysis in order to identify the best trading opportunities in any market conditions.

  • 5-10 Minutes setup time

    Our unique copy trading system is complex but we have refined it so that your setup time is minimal. As well as a detailed instructional video, we also offer live chat and email support to help you get set up.

The Results are in

We take pride in our work. This is why we provide and publish our results.

All of our trades are verified on MyFXBook.

Live Results

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Unlike many Copy Trading services, we at Trade Room Plus are so happy with our results that we're offering a 3 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION for FREE

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Meet our Trading Success Team

Trade Room Plus is the UK's premier live trade room and has been trading live since 2013. Simon and Michael lead the trading team and are supported by James for client support and technical. Both Simon and Michael are retail traders who learnt to trade the hard way, making the standard mistakes along the way. They are now full time traders and through the Live Trade Room have helped hundreds of members to learn how to trade consistently for themselves. Simon is predominately a reversal scalping trader and Michael is predominately a trend continuation breakout trader. James joined the Live Room as a member and learnt to trade with us and now helps run our business.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I trade on the account as well?

Can you teach me your strategies?

Do you trade Cryptocurrencies?

Are the Live Trade Room trades executed?

What is the risk per trade?

How does the system work?

Our funded trader broker analyses pooled data to identify profitable top traders (TTs) who take highly profitable trades and manage their trades with good risk management. We have handpicked an excellent trader that has had good results and proven risk management. Each trade is opened and closed to match the trade taken by this trader. Our trader is aware that they are being copy traded and our priority is to keep this person focused on high quality trading and provide them with all the necessary tools they may need.

How much should I deposit?

Are the spreads widened?

Do brokers really want profitable clients?

Are there any additional fees?

Can you guarantee earnings?

Do you put your money where your mouth is?

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